Thursday, 26 November 2015

Skin Lightening Pills - Does Skin Brightening Pills Really Help You Get a Fairer Complexion?

Skin Whitening Pills claims to diminish dark spots and skin discolorations. These pills mostly contain Glutathione which is an amino acid found in every cell of human body. This substance acts as an anti-oxidant and flushes out toxins which consequently inhibits the production of Melanin in our body. Skin discoloration is caused due to various reasons such as air pollutants, depression, smoking, sickness and medications. These pills not only claim to reduce the appearance of various skin complications such as melasma, hyper pigmentation, acne marks, age spots, birthmarks etc. but also promises to provide you health benefits.
But in order to understand the effectiveness of these pills, we should know its ingredients. Hydroquinone is touted to be one of the most harmful constituents, which can cause deadly disease such as leukemia, liver damage and thyroid problems. FDA allows only 2% consumption of Hydroquinone. There are other harmful ingredients such as mercury and steroids, which should be avoided.

In order to attain a fair skin, we should maintain a good lifestyle. Lots of high fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables should be included in our diet while it is advisable to avoid red meats and dairy products. You should at least drink 10-12 glasses of water daily for maintaining a clear and healthy skin. Environment also affects your skin tone. You should try to cover your whole and apply sunscreen lotion for preventing the ugly glare of sun. You should also wear sunglasses to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and other problems. Usually people residing in hot areas are darker than people staying in a cold region. For. eg the Indians are darker than Europeans.

Beautymarket .in is considered to be one of the most effective pigment reducing cream, which can easily diminish dark spots and skin discoloration in 2 weeks. This cream contains nature-based ingredients unlike those skin-whitening pills. It contains no hydroquinone, mercury and steroids rather its main constituent are kojic acid, lactic acid, alpha arbutin, vitamin B3, mulberry extract, bearberry extract, licorice extract, lemon juice extract etc.

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